New to Town?

The Town of Whitewater's goal is to sustain and enhance the Town as a great place to live, work, play. Our elected town board and staff work hard every day to make sure that we provide high-quality essential services to our residents, visitors, and those who work in our Town every day.

The Town of Whitewater is committed to using all of its resources to provide the most effective and efficient municipal services for all our residents and constituents. The Town of Whitewater continually strives to enhance our residents’ quality of life by providing excellent services. Whether you are a new resident, business or visitor, the list of services below will provide you the information you need to easily access town and local services:

How Do I Start Garbage Service? Call the Whitewater Town Hall at (262) 473-4639 and then service will be provided by Johns Disposal Service

Who Do I Contact For Electric & Gas Service? (800) 242-9137 WE Energies

Who Do I Contact For Local Phone Service? (800) 288-2020 AT&T

How Do I Get Internet Service? A few options: (262) 458-4220 Edge Broadband; (800) 638-9879 Netwurx; (855) 263-7591 Wild Blue; (866) 293-8945 HughesNet; (877) 357-0815 AT&T

How Do I Contact Direct TV? (888) 777-2454 for new customers or for current customers

How Do I Contact Dish Network? (800) 823-4929

How Do I Pay My PropertyTaxes? (262) 473-4639 Town Treasurer

How Do I Register To Vote? (262) 473-4639 Town Clerk

What if I have a dog? (262) 473-4639 Town Clerk

What are the USPS Mailbox placement rules? (262) 473-2103 USPS in Whitewater

Where Do I Find Out More About Town Meeting & Events?