Minutes 8-17-2023



Thursday, August 17, 2023


Lowell called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM

In attendance were Lowell, Bob, Jon and Jorja


AMEND agenda: too early to consider dates for budget workshops and need to discuss/decide on attendance at WTA fall workshops. Jon made a motion to approve as amended, seconded by Bob; the motion carried.

After a review of Minutes of the July 21, 2023 special meeting, Bob made a motion to approve the minutes, seconded by Jon; the motion carried

Treasurer and Clerk reports: Cash and fund balances were read


Walworth County is sponsoring a “Clean sweep” program to be held on October 6 and October 7th. Businesses need to register; private individuals do not need to register. Oct 7 is for private individual electronics. The event will be held at W4709 County Rd NN; Walworth County Public Works.

Walworth County invitation to an in-person or ZOOM meeting regarding Pre-Application conference for The Boat House Conditional Use project. August 23 at 10:00 AM.

A few calls received re: complaints about neighbors who have junked cars, debris, garbage etc. on their property. Most have indicated that they do not feel comfortable complaining directly with neighbor. Nothing in codes that addresses. Lowell commented that in the past letters were sent to the offending party.

Clerk will be at a conference with WMCA on August 24 and the Town Hall will be closed.

The WEC developed new absentee ballot certificates and mailing envelopes. Hopefully the redesign will be more clearly understood. An application was applied for and received to cover some of the costs for printing the new documents. The older versions cannot be used.


Edge is ready to provide new fiber optic service to the Town. Bob made a motion to investigate the costs involved, seconded by Jon and the motion carried.

Supervisor’s reports:

Bob: nothing to report

Jon: deferred to later in the meeting.

Lowell: receiving questions about the road restrictions for ATV/UTV. He explained that the Board tried to please the Town and not all residents will be happy.


Public Works report: ditching is being done. The new truck will be delivered next week.

Sheriff’s Department incident report: 250 calls in July; a couple of bad accidents; some burglaries in a town close by. He is encouraging if you see something, say something.


Discussion/decision Whitewater Limestone increase depth of blasting

Robert Mann has met with all the residents from the last meeting. He provided an extensive report showing maps, history of the quarry, 1907 picture in library hauling rock out of quarry in a wagon, another one in 1940’s, 1970 zoning in place with County. The zoning has been M-3 since 1977.

Land use plan through 2050. Humans are more sensitive to vibrations than even older homes with plaster and lathe. He did extensive study to address the residents’ concerns.

He met individually with the owners and provided an agreement/guarantee that he would provide a new well if the well goes dry due to Whitewater Limestone. He will also provide a professional home inspection, at his expense, that would provide the owners a baseline for comparison if damage occurs in the future. If any owner wants a testing for their water he will also pay for that service. There will be a contract signed outlining all the above information and that contract will convey to any future owners.

Dick and Pam Kraus met with Robert – well is settled.

Bruce Parker – has a letter sent by Robert and will discuss it with him.

The County is the one who monitors how deep the pit is.

Mrs. Parker – feels the contract is written in favor of the pit – language indicates if they can prove the damage was done by the pit. She says maybe it is time for WW Limestone to purchase another property.


Bob made a motion that since there is a well guarantee and home inspection guarantee, Mr. Mann has provided evidence that he is willing to work with the owners and therefore Bob made the motion to approve the new conditional use permit, the motion was seconded by Jon and the motion carried.


Regarding the buoys for Whitewater and Rice Lake, there were 12 destroyed during the 2022 season.

Jon suggests setting a plan for replacing old ones on an annual basis that would be a budget line item. Lowell asked the Lake Management Association would contribute to the on-going replacement plan. Part of the damage issue relates to the winter storage for the buoys and it requires a heated facility.

No decision was made.


Review bids from new assessors; discussion/decision

3 bids were received: Associated Appraisers; Candid appraisals and Municipal Group. After comparing the three bids, Jon made motion to accept the quote from Municipal Group, Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.


Discuss/decision possibility to post speed limit signs on Clover Valley Rd. Per State Statutes, speed limits cannot be changed without an engineer’s study. The issue will be addressed at a future meeting.


Information from Wisconsin Surplus Auctioneers proved to be a better option than having the Town working with potential buyers. Jon made a motion to take the orange truck to their facility for auction, Lowell seconded the motion and the motion carried.


A representative from the Sheriff’s department presented information regarding a new communication system that will be operational in 2025. The County is offering a plan for the Township to purchase portable phones that can be used for two-way conversation. The cost will be between $2500 – 3000. The Towns who participate will be registered with the County. The County began in 2015 to upgrade the new communication system and feel that it would be beneficial for all the towns. The Town needs to make a decision within two weeks and no payment is due 2024.

Lowell made a motion to purchase three phones, Jon seconded, and the motion carried.

GWLPOA offered to contribute $500 if the expenditure is approved by their board.
Robert Sivek also said he would contribute.


Jackie from The Boat House is requesting approval for their liquor license. In order for any potential investors to help finance the new building, the license needs to be in place. If any outside vendor wants to own/run the proposed new facility, they would need to purchase the Reserve Liquor License for $10,000.00. Jon made a motion to approve the application from The Boat House, seconded by Bob and the motion carried.


WTA Workshop attendance is tabled until the next meeting.


Bills were approved and checks signed.


Jon made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bob, motion carried and meeting adjourned at 9:07 pm


Respectfully submitted by

Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer