3-06-2024 Special Board Meeting Minutes




 Special Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 9:00 AM

In attendance was Lowell, Bob, Jon, and Jorja

Bob made a motion to approve the meeting agenda, seconded by Jon, and the motion passed unanimously.

Lowell explained that a mistake was made during the Elector’s meeting which omitted a vote by the electors that confirmed the Board’s resolution to increase the levy limit. There was a vote for the actual increase in the levy limit. Not taking the second vote resulted in the DOR rejecting the increased $100,000.00 for the levy. The DOR’s decision is to penalize the Town in the amount of the levy increase that would eliminate any state shared revenue starting in 2024 and extending until the $100,000.00 was paid. The DOR option #2 was to refund the difference in the Town’s portion of the tax bill to the taxpayers. The 2nd option was the preferred solution.

Lowell made a motion to refund money to the taxpayers and continue to have the State pay the shared revenue. The $100,000.00 shortfall will be pulled from the existing budget for roads repair, Jon seconded, and the motion passed unanimously.

Discussion followed regarding where the budget items could be amended to allow for the loss of $100,000.00. Carl, public works superintendent, indicated that the road budget could be reduced. A suggestion to eliminate the transfer of funds to both the truck & equipment and new office & maintenance fund balances, however that suggestion was rejected. There is a possibility of using a carry over amount from 2022.

Steps for resolving the issue for both the DOR and the taxpayers:
1. contact the County Treasurer, Valerie Etzel, to produce the new tax bills and advise a timeframe for how long that will take.
2. change the documents to comply with the first email and notify Bozich how the Town wants to proceed.
3. Cut checks for those taxpayers who paid in full before January 31, 2024.
4. The refund for the taxpayers who only paid the first installment will happen as a credit on the 2nd payment due by July 31, 2024. This information is to be confirmed by the County Treasurer.
4. Mail checks, tax bills and an explanation for why there is a refund.

Jon made a motion to adjourn, Bob seconded the motion, the motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM


Respectfully submitted, Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer