4-17-2024 Minutes



Wednesday, 4-17-2024


Lowell called the meeting to order at 6:50 PM

In attendance: Lowell, Bob and Jorja

Bob made a motion to approve the agenda as amended, seconded by Lowell and the motion carried.
Lowell made a motion to approve the minutes from the 3-14-2024 Board meeting, seconded by Bob and the motion carried.


Treasurer and Clerk reports –

Fund and cash balances were read. Waiting for the County to process the final list for tax refund checks. Donna Sherman will assist in processing the paperwork/checks.

Election results: 998 residents are registered to vote. 438 votes were cast: 74 were absentee and 364 voted at the poll on election.


Supervisor’s reports:
Bob no report

Lowell has been fielding calls regarding the mailing of revised tax bills. Due to a process error, the DOR has denied the levy limit increase. Even though he contacted state officials, the decision was not reversed. A question was posed regarding what would happened to people who have already filed taxes. Lowell indicated that the amount of refund would most likely not be significant to change anyone’s taxes.

One resident called and asked about billing received from the City of Whitewater for repeated and necessary 911 calls. The resident did not understand why each call was billed. Lowell indicated that the billing was handled through the City of Whitewater.

Public Works report – bidding for summer road repairs is in process.

The mower is in disrepair and the parts are no longer available.

Sheriff report – Nick Yohanek reported that there were 170 calls for the month of March.

Glee Hansen, who lives near the intersection of County P and Esterly, has issues with excessive water flooding her property. She is asking if a trench or tiles could be installed to divert the water.  Bob says there is a telephone line that is in the way of any type of repair without involving the telephone company. She suggested cutting a ditch at the curve of the road which would be on their property. Carl suggested contacting the DNR to inquire if any repairs would be approved. Bob will contact the DNR.


One Energy’ representative, Peter Murphy, introduced the request for a solar panel farm on private property owned by Richard and Pam Kraus. The property is located near Island Road and Highway 89. The farm would occupy approximately 30 acres and would provide electrical service to 1400 homes.

Dan Dern asked questions about the sourcing for the panels: Vietnam and Indonesia will manufacture the panels. What is the thermal efficiency given the cloudy days and snowstorms that happen in the area. According to Peter, the panels do shed snow due to the tilting of the panels and it would not be an issue. Since no energy is produced at night, WE Energies would provide that service.


Bob indicated that a bond would be required for Island Road to cover any damage done to the road by the delivery trucks and other increased traffic.

At the end of the project, the decommissioning process is the reverse of the installation. Peter indicates that there is nothing toxic in the materials used for the panels. One Energy works with a Minnesota recycle facility. The materials used are aluminon, glass, silicone, polymer copper. If a panel breaks there is nothing that leaks.

One Energy specializes in larger commercial projects and not homes.

When the install is complete, WE Energies will own the farm. There is no regular maintenance on site. It will take 5 years for the natural pollinator to be established.

He claims that there is not heat produced by dome.

As the panels tilt during the day, the maximum height is 8’. There will be an agricultural fence around the acreage.

Lowell suggested to table the issue in order for Jon to hear the presentation and he made a motion for a mutually agreed time for Peter and Jon to meet, the motion was seconded by Bob and the motion carried.


Due to the lower tax levy, an amendment was proposed for 2024. Discussion/decision amend 2024 budget. Bob made a motion to accept the new budget, seconded by Lowell and the motion carried.

During the public segment, there were no comments or questions from attendees.

Lowell made a motion to approve the application for an operator’s license for Courtney Vohs, seconded by Bob and the motion carried. Courtney will be working at the Willow Brook Golf Club.

Monthly bills were approved and signed.

Bob made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lowell and the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM


Respectfully submitted by Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer