DNR notice for weed spraying 5-15-2024

Received the following email from the DNR today 5-14-2024


Hi all,


Tomorrow morning (Wednesday, May 15) we are expecting to do aerial spraying for the spongy moth (formerly known as gypsy moth) at Big Foot Beach State Park and the Kettle Moraine State Forest – Whitewater Lake campground as long as the weather is favorable.  A bacterial insecticide called “Foray” is being used.


The spraying is expected to start between 6:00 and 7 AM and should take 30 minutes or less.  It uses a loud, low-flying yellow airplane.  The plane will be flying over the two areas but will only be spraying specific areas of the park and state forest.  The schools and youth camp near Big Foot Beach State Park are not being sprayed.


A map of the two treatment areas can be seen dnrSprayBlocks_2024.pdf (wisconsin.gov)


Please notify staff, students and parents about the timing of this spraying so that no one is surprised by it.  Consider keeping nearby students indoors until the spraying is completed in order to reduce the anxiety of a loud, low-flying airplane and reduce the (unlikely) risk that any students with severe allergies react to the spray.  The spray contains a vegetable base, and a yeast-like odor may be noticeable until the spray droplets dry.


Please email or call if you have questions.  If spraying is delayed due to excessive wind or other issues, the spraying is likely to occur the next day that weather conditions are favorable.





Bill McNee
Forest Health Specialist – Southeast Wisconsin

Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
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Phone: (920) 360-0942

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