Minutes 5-11-2022 Board meeting

Whitewater Township Minutes


Lowell Hagen called the meeting to order at 7PM

In attendance: Hagen, Prusener, Strand, Sherman, Ahrens

Norm made a motion to approve the agenda as presented, Bob seconded the motion – all in favor motion carried

Norm made a motion to approve the minutes from 4-20-2022 Board Meeting, Bob seconded the motion – all in favor motion carried.

Treasurer Report: Bank Balances were read

Norm made a motion to accept the Clerk/Treasurers reports seconded by Bob and the motion-all in favor motioned carried

Supervisors Reports:

Norm- Run in with a truck driver leaving out here going out to Triebolds farm stopped him on Clover Valley Road and the driver said what is the difference they are all class B roads Norm told the driver he should have been going down to Hwy 89 – all the driver wanted to do was argue he took a picture of the truck and turned it over to the sheriff’s dept.

Buoys are ready and Carl will give an update about the boat.

Bob- no report

Lowell-no report

Public Works-Carl- Picked up the boat from JNT’s and they found 5 quarts of gas in the oil as a result of the engine idling rather than running,  JNT said there should be over 10hrs of run time over 4000 RPM.  The report that JNTs pulled showed over 500 hours of 0-1000 RPMs. Since it is spending most of its time idling it is ruining the engine. JNT’s recommended running it out on the lake at full speed.

Prices on rear tires continental snow tires $472.00 a tire $1,888.00 installed at Pete’s Tire.

He has been working on potholes and boat launches.  The first brush chipping was accomplished in one day.

Lowell mentioned to Carl that last winter only one broken mailbox and the property owner complimented Carl on replacing it and Lowell thanked him as well, as his good work is not going unnoticed.

Sheriff’s Report-Nick said 171 calls in April couple of crashes on Hwy 12, he has a speed trailer request on Hwy 89 and Stader road, and he mentioned there will be another deputy first shift checking in and out and another car parked here at the townhall.

Wolski Variance/Convey Property- William (Bill) said the town was pretty certain who owned the land in question and he had asked how do you know that and it was stated because we pay the bills – So Bill stated he did some further research and spoke with the head real estate agent for the DNR, Mr. James Jackley, and he had all the history and he pointed out back in 2010 when he bought the property that the matter was already solved.

So if in fact this is true Mr. Jackley did not see any wording about replacement but permission was given to do that.

Norm said the paperwork was reviewed and Norm said on the back page it states that Whitewater Realty Corporation still holds the title and down further the DNR charged you $500  he thinks the DNR still has an interest in it and gave you permission to encroach and charged you.

Norm does not feel comfortable for a warranty deed because he is not sure that we own it VS a quit claim deed. Also talked about the road not being a town road (State Park Road) and he does not want to go down that path and we do not want to take over that road as they pay us to take care of it.

If your lawyer draws up a quit claim deed from the Town of Whitewater to him William Wolski describing the piece of property then the Town would sign it.

Norm moved to ok the quit claim deed for this piece of property Bob Seconded all in favor motion carried.

Hockhalter Variance- Mr. Hockhalter presented the information of his 2 lots on the lake.  Lot one has the tennis courts and garage. They are looking to move here full time and make it a lake home.  He is requesting the following: he ran through his requested items listed on the April 27th denial zoning letter. Regarding the shore yard setbacks he stated the county is taking into account the average set back of adjacent properties.  Whereas he pointed out the states definition of adjacent VS adjoining.  So he is having a hard time that the county is not allowing based on this definition.  He is trying to get as close to the water he can – He has talked to other residence and has letters of support.

Norm asked – how many tax bills he has and its one. Norm said a lot of good points and arguments, but he will have a hard time at the county.

Lowell made a motion to give Mr. Hockhalter approval for what he is asking for Bob seconded – Norm did not approve-Vote 2 to 1 – approval motion carried but as Lowell stated even though the town is giving the approval it is now in the county’s hands there is no guarantee and the more letters you have will help.

Ellen Schutt- she is currently running for the 31st Assembly district which now includes the Town of Whitewater she grew up in Darien on her family farm, she now lives in Clinton and she has worked with Amy Loudenbeck, has worked for Delong Company and UW athletics.

Contractor Submission for 2022 Road Projects – open Proposals were read.

Request from School board to attend a meeting in July /August – Lowell said to notify the school board they will attend the July School Board meeting.

Public input – N/A

Pay Bill

Lowell made a motion to adjourn at 7:53PM Norm seconded all in favor motion carried.


Respectively submitted Jorja Boiley, Clcerk/Treasurer

for Donna Sherman, Deputy Clerk