Minutes 7-26-2023



Special Meeting


Lowell called the meeting to order at 3:00 PM

In attendance: Lowell, Bob, Jon, Jorja

Bob made a motion to approve the agenda as written, seconded by Jon, motion carried.

Jon made a motion to approve 7-12-2023 meeting minutes as presented, seconded by Bob and the motion carried.

Brian Madl/Edge Broadband requested a meeting with Bob, Jon and Carl regarding the installation and property restoration for the fiber optic cable that is on-going this summer. His concerns:

He asks that any issues be addressed to him so he can then speak with the contractor’s crews doing the work. There are four different companies doing the installation and restoration. The two main subcontractors are Compass and Ganster. He indicated that if residents see topsoil, grass seed and rocks properly laid, the project is complete. If not, then the restoration is in process and not completed. The residents should know that crews will return to finalize the restoration. If there are questions about the process, please contact him through Edge Broadband. There will be ground boxes installed flush to the landscape that should not interfere with maintenance and mowing. Their goal is to have one box per each two boxes that are across the road from each other.

Ned and Judy Lee – are impressed with the restoration that Edge completed. Their displeasure addresses the restoration that is conducted by 5-star who is the contractor for the Charter/Spectrum projects. Brain Madl cannot address the issues with other installers.

Brian supplies a map that covers the completed installations and the projected work. He is hopeful that all work will be finished by this fall. Jon suggested that a contact is made Charter and ask for the same document for their work.


The invoice received from the road projects through Rock Road was invoiced at $18K higher than the quote. The Board’s decision from the July 12, 2023 meeting to only pay the quoted amount. All the overage occurred due to the amount of product that a subcontractor used to complete the road project. Don Saruchek, Rock Road project manager who worked with Carl on the Town’s project, was in attendance and indicated that while he and Carl marked the areas for repair, the subcontractor felt more material was needed.  They do each driveway so there is no bump where the new material intersects with the existing driveways. He claims this attention to detail and the fact that their raw material is better than other contractors is part of the discrepancy. He is asking for more detailed spec requirements for any future projects.

Lowell suggested that since the price difference was caused by Rock Road through their subcontractors, perhaps Rock Road and the Township could split the difference. Don indicated that he would need to speak to his supervisors about that arrangement.

Jon made a motion to accept the Budget Amendment Resolution that described the steps needed to transfer fund from the ARPA Fund to regular checking account, transfer funds from the Tax Receipts to regular checking account. Both transfers were made to pay for the new truck. The remaining balance in the ARPA Fund will be transferred to the Truck Fund, processed by the bank, Bob seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Bob initiated a discussion regarding purchasing additional 35 mph signs for Kettle Moraine Drive.  Mr. Spears indicated to Bob that cars travel Kettle Moraine at speeds well above the posted limits.

Bob is saying that there are not enough 35 mph signs on KM Dr. Based on the cost received from Lange Enterprises for new signs, Jon made a motion to order 4, 35 mph hour signs at a maximum cost of $50.00 each, Lowell seconded the motion and the motion carried. Jon made a motion to order an additional 15 fire number signs, seconded by Lowell, motion carried.

One quote has been received from a potential new assessor. No decision can be made until additional quotes are received.

Jon a made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Bob, and the motion carried.   The meeting adjourned at 3:55 PM.


    Respectfully submitted by Jorja Boiley, Clerk/Treasurer