Minutes 2-22-2023 Special Board Meeting

2-22-2023 Special Meeting

Meeting was called to order at 3:00 PM

In attendance – Lowell, Bob, Carl, Norm, Jorja

2 reps from WE energies: Joe Tomm and Rene Bowerman; Katy Katzman representing the Katzman Farms.

Norm made a motion to approve the agenda as presented; seconded by Bob and the motion carried.

Norm made a motion to approve the minutes from the 2/20/2023 meeting; seconded by Bob and the motion carried.

  • Joe presented options that WE Energies is proposing to complete the Reliance Road Project.
    They may still consider directional boring if special coatings would protect the pipes from scratches and gouging.
  • Open trench from the Katzman tree line to County P. This option results in a more extensive invasion to the roadway and potential for more damage than what was anticipate in the original project parameters.

Several methods for repairing the road after completion were discussed. Cold patching, removing existing asphalt either off-site or reuse, restoring  with perm asphalt to from Katzman to County P on the southern edge of pavement to center line of road.

Lowell indicated that if they do the trenching, the entire road would be adversely affected and not only the half of the road as they are suggesting.

Trucks on the road were actually Johnson Sand and Gravel. Not affiliated with WE project.

Norm is concerned about integrity of the ground at the creek. The ground is eroding. They will add stone and shore up the sliding.

Prior to the Town approving the Project, a cost estimate was provided in the amount of $163,000 which would restore the entire road. We Energies has made a payment in the amount of $57,057.00 towards repairing the road, however, there was no stipulation at the time that there was a requirement to use those funds exclusively for repairing Reliance Road.

Lowell made a motion that WE Energies will restore Reliance Road west of Katzman’s easement to County P using fresh, hot patch, wedge the black top where soil is eroding and remit the remaining $105,943.00 which is the difference between the money already paid and the total cost estimate for finishing the entire road. The motion was seconded by Norm and the motion carried.

We Energies will discuss with upper management and once approved will send a letter of agreement.

Lowell made a motion to adjourn the meeting, seconded by Bob; motion carried and the meeting adjourned at 3:39 PM.

Respectively submitted by Jorja Boiley, Clerk Treasurer